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OBJAVLJENO: Sre, 13. 05. 2015, 14:42

Odklepanje s pametno uro? Sedaj je to mogoče.

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Slika: Odklepanje s pametno uro? Sedaj je to mogoče.

Pametni Digitalni Cilindrični Vložek ISEO LibraSmart

ISEO Serrature and baimos technologies are shaping the future of access control

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the biggest event for innovation and new applications of mobile technology. With 1,800 exhibitors showcasing the latest products, devices and technologies, more than 85,000 people

from 200 countries are visiting MWC in March 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

At MWC 2015, ISEO Serrature and baimos technologies present a jointly developed showcase: The use of secure wearables for building access control.

Users are able to unlock a door that features the ISEO Libra Smart electronic lock cylinder with a smartwatch from LG Electronics in a split-second via Bluetooth Smart. The operation is secured by the BlueID

security layer. baimos technologies, the developer of the BlueID platform, already supplies a security solution for wearables to LG.

When the user approaches the door that is equipped with the ISEO Libra Smart cylinder, the smartwatch detects the cylinder’s presence via Bluetooth Smart and allows the user to send the open command. The

smartwatch app triggers the opening over a BlueID secured Bluetooth Smart connection by either simply pushing the “Open” button or by holding the watch in immediate proximity of the ISEO Libra Smart cylinder.

In addition, the ISEO Argo app, which is available for Android and iOS smartphones, enables a convenient new way to easily manage access permissions: The app can securely roll out and delete access permissions

for smartwatches on the fly.

If you want to use wearables and smartphones as a door key in addition to today’s smartcard solutions, adequate security measures must be taken. A smartwatch or smartphone is always online, which leads to an

exposure to hacking that is much higher than in smartcards. Florian Schiebl, CSO of baimos technologies, says: “The fact that the smartphone is online 24/7 is often ignored. An ideal level of protection and

scalability is reached by using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for encryption and security. Banking and governmental applications already use PKI with great success.” The BlueID security layer provides this

banking level security for the use of wearables and smartphones in secure mobile access control.

“Our Vision is to reinvent access control around the user experience”, says Pierre Bourgmayer, CEO of ISEO Serrature. “We have always developed solutions accompanying users in their daily life at home, at work,

and in their leisure time. We have made top security a core element of our products so customers can trust us. Thanks to BlueID, we are able to offer a convenient and secure experience of wearables in mobile

access control.”

“Our next step is to proceed together with baimos technologies towards commercialization of the program. Live experimentation with selected users in the residential and commercial market will be our next step.

The goal is to respond to all physical security related needs and to define solutions that create trust with our users as well as new revenue sources for our partners and us.”

“Secure Wearables for Access Control” at Mobile World Congress 2015: The showcase of ISEO Serrature and baimos technologies can be seen at the stand “BlueID SDK – Secure mobile keys” in hall 8.1, stand I59.

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